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Group outings are at the parks or wooded trails, and are an hour long. Every intent is client safety and well being. That may mean we will shorten time due to inclement weather, to be made up on the next walk.  All clients are made comfortable in the car and no ride is longer than 30 minutes without a break.

$30 for 25 minute leash walk
$35 for 45 minute park run

Overnights are in my home; or clients home with mail take in, plants watered and light housekeeping included.  A daily park trip and additional walks are given.  Guests go home with a report card detailing highlights of their stay.  Photos are texted to pup parent at beginning of their stay, and a random silly or cute photo will more than likely be sent.  Parents are always welcome to call or text on how their pup is doing.

$70 night  for current clients
$75 night for puppies and seniors
and last minute bookings
Cat Visits

30 minutes of attention for petting and play time.  (If they allow it).  Feeding and litter box cleaned.  Mail take in and plants watered.

$15/ 2nd visit of day
Animal Reiki

Reiki is a form of no hands on therapy given for emotional and physical well being, due to sore muscles, anxiety and may assist in recovery.  Performed by a Reiki Master.  

This is Not a substitute for Veterinarian care.

                  Pet Portraits

Pet photo portraits at location of clients choice.  Three to four proofs for pup parents to choose from.  

Individually Priced
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